Elija el revestimiento de la camisa adecuado: material, espesor, dureza y transpirabilidad


Shirt interlining is an important component of the shirt making process. It can make the shirt more crisp, tidy, and enhance the comfort and durability of wearing. When choosing shirt interlining, there are many factors to consider, including material, thickness, hardness, breathability, and so on. This article will introduce some recommendations and suggestions about shirt interlining to help you choose the interlining that suits your needs.


Firstly, choosing the material of interlining is very important. The most common interlining materials include cotton, polyester fiber, film, and pure cotton. Cotton interlining is very comfortable, while polyester fiber interlining is more durable. Film interlining has the advantages of waterproof and stain-resistant, while pure cotton interlining is a natural and environmentally friendly choice. When choosing the material of interlining, you need to choose according to your personal needs and preferences.

Secondly, the thickness and hardness of the interlining are also very important. Thickness and hardness can affect the appearance and comfort of the shirt. If you like a thicker shirt, then choosing a thicker interlining is a wise choice. Similarly, if you like a stiffer shirt, then choosing an interlining with a higher hardness is a better choice. However, excessively thick or hard interlining can also affect comfort and durability, so a balanced choice is necessary.

In addition, breathability is also one of the factors to consider when choosing interlining. Breathability can make wearing more comfortable and help to wick away sweat. Therefore, it is very important to choose interlining with good breathability. The best choice is interlining that can provide both good breathability and sufficient support.

Finally, choosing interlining that is suitable for your personal needs and budget is very important. Some interlining may be more expensive, but they can provide better quality and comfort. While other interlining may be cheaper, but their quality and comfort may not be as good as expensive interlining. Therefore, when choosing interlining, you need to choose according to your budget and needs.


In summary, choosing the interlining that suits your needs is very important. You need to consider the material, thickness, hardness, breathability, and other factors when choosing interlining.